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Yürük Legal & Consultancy is a full-service Turkish law firm based in Istanbul which offers you practical, innovative and result-oriented legal services.


We assist you in making informed and beneficial decisions by providing clear and understandable legal advise while managing your various legal disputes and risks.


Our long-standing cooperation with such law firms across many nations secures for our clients' quality overseas legal services. Through these means, we are able to offer our clients first class legal services all over the world.


We provide legal assistance across a broad range of services that in this website you may find some of the core areas we focus on.

Kadriye Yürük Yılmaz

Attorney LL.M , Mediator 

Kadriye Yürük Yılmaz, who completed her undergraduate studies at Bahçeşehir University in 2007, completed her master's degree on International Business and Commercial Law at University of Manchester and returned to Istanbul in 2010.


For about ten years in of one the leading law firms in Turkey, she has gained experience on litigation, consultancy and alternative dispute resolution (national and international arbitration and mediation) spesifically in the fields of Marine and Transportation Law, International Trade Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law and Labor &Employment Law.


She is the founder of Yürük Legal & Consultancy and a multi-specialist with the ability to advise clients on a range of legal issues affecting their interests both in Turkey and abroad.  She provides legal advise and support to clients spesifically on International Business and Commercial Law, Maritime and Transport Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law and Data Protection Law.

Recently, she has been managing the compliance projects of clients within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law, and actively continues to practice arbitration and mediation for the sake of alternative dispute resolutions.

practice areas



Business world has a flexible structure that needs adabtability and persistency. Therefore, also the adabtability of the legal business and transactions related to commercial business life is as important as their accuracy. In this context, one of the prominent issues is commercial contracts. In order for the business life to proceed in a healthy way both within the borders of our country and internationally, commercial contracts play an important role in the stages of prevention of disputes, removal of uncertainties and ensuring maximum confidence.


Today, with the developing technology, e-commerce has spread rapidly. E-commerce is the case when commercial activities are conducted via electronic devices and internet. Although this field becomes widespread, since it is a new area for Turkey, we believe that traders who want to advance in this field should get effective legal consultancy by working with the right experts in the field.


In the field of commercial law, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy services to our individual, national and international clients, in Turkey and the Free Zones, for  preparation, execution and termination of national and international commercial contracts and resolution of disputes; commercial negotiations and consensus, franchising contracts, investment incentives, foreign capital transfer, making necessary applications regarding company entities in the face of official authorities; realization of transactions and resolution of the legal disputes that may arise in all these issues, and in e-commerce.




Contracts are agreements where more than one natural or legal person is entitled to or against each other. Covering almost every branch of law, we encounter with Law of Contract especially in the fields such as Commercial Law, Maritime and Transportation Law, Labour Law, Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Law. The parties are not limited to the types of contracts in the provisions of prviate law of contracts due to the "freedom of contract" which is guaranteed by the Constitution, as long as it is not against the general legal rules and public order. This situation led to the emergence of contracts other than the types of contracts in the laws and the birth of the Law of Contracts as a distinct branch of law.

We are working in the field of Law of Contracts, providing legal consultancy services in the matters of representation in the stages of pre-contract, preparation, negotiation and signature; determination of criminal conditions in order to prevent possible violations and damages; supervision of the compliance with the general framework and behaviour of contracts not regulated by laws such as franchising or sponsorship. We also provide services for determination of the conditions related to the form and the basis in complex transactions such as multimodal-transportation contracts, intellectual porperty contracts or hospital admission agreements.  We advise our Clients for services such as lease contracts, for transactions involving notices and warnings in accordance with the contract, and for the purpose of terminating the contract.

In terms of breach of contract, we provide legal consultancy services including amicable settlement, mediation, arbitration, litigation and enforcement for the procedures such as request of performance, right of retraction, termination, refund and  clause penal.




“Data” has become the most valuable concept of our day in the world where distances have disappeared with the digitalization and widespread use of the internet, and this value is increasing day by day. In this context, the protection and processing of personal data is lately subject to certain regulations and the protection of personal data of real persons has become a huge necessity today.


In order to comply with the obligations imposed by the “Law on the Protection of Personal Data” numbered “6698”, we provide legal advise to our clients about all matters they are obliged under the law, identify and analyze these obligations and provide informing and awareness trainings to our clients within this scope.


We provide legal support in all matters required within the scope of compliance with the law, including the preparation of personal data inventory, managing registration processes to VERBIS system, compliance consultancy and project management.

In addition, we represent our clients in personal data investigations, civil and criminal cases, and provide consultancy and advocacy services on these legal matters.




We aim to offer all effective solutions, including mediation, for cases and disputes that can be resolved amicably without resorting to legal remedies.


For disputes that cannot be solved in amicable ways, we are skilled and have a wide experience for all kinds of litigation and arbitration proceedings both in national and international jurisdictions.




Intellectual rights are the rights of individuals on the works created by knowledge and making efforts. These artworks are the ones given in the fields of science, literature, fine arts and cinema. Rights in inventions, innovations and designs in industry and agriculture form industrial property rights. Both intellectual property and industrial property; may require legal advice and a law firm providing quality services in this area during their establishment, registration and protection.


In this field, we provide consultancy and advocacy services in all matters of intellectual and industrial rights law, especially in the areas of trademark, patent, utility model, design, license and copyrights. By means of a comprehensive research on these issues, we offer the most appropriate road map to our clients in the matters of pre-registration research and execution and licensing of registration applications.


There may be cases such as transferring, limiting, renewing, binding and ensuring their security related to intellectual and industrial property rights. In such cases, we produce the most accurate and fastest legal solutions in favour of our clients. In case of violations of intellectual and industrial property rights, we provide attorneyship and consultancy services via mediation, arbitration, litigation and enforcement for the elimination of violation and the prevention of loss of rights of our clients.




Labour and Employment Law is a branch of law that deals with issues such as labour, employee, employers, social security and trade unions, examines the legal relationship between them and organizes solutions for disputes that may arise in these matters. Labour and Trade Unions Law protects not only the employee but also the employer at the present day. Therefore, all issues     related to employment, particularly labour agreements, need to be examined and regulated by taking into consideration the basic rights and interests of both parties under the roof of regulated legislation and conventions.


We are closely monitoring the changing regulations, developing technology, emergent sectors and other developments in the field. With this direction, we legally support our clients for the procedures related to preparation of labour agreements, revision of current agreements, establishment of human resources protocol in accordance with the legislation, presence in occupational safety inspections, notice of termination elaborately. We have individual and institutional consultancy and advocacy services to follow-up of the receivables to be paid, compensations and social security premiums, action for fixing of period of service and to pursue the filed lawsuits.




For the persons, who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey and who are considered as "foreigners" in our law, their rights are protected by both laws and international agreements. "The principle of non-refoulement" is of great importance for foreigners. In the event of repatriation of a foreigner by deporting, when there is a situation where his/her life or freedom will be under threat, then the principle of non-refoulement may come to the fore.


In order to maintain their personal and commercial activities in Turkey and eliminate the possibility of deportation, in case the foreigners, who live and work in Turkey without having citizenship of Republic of Turkey, are required to seek legal consultancy on foreigners' law, they need to work together with a law office that is expert and follows global and international developments in their field.


In this field, we provide legal consultancy and advocacy services to our clients in the matters of entry of foreigners to Turkey, receiving permits such as residence or work permit, transfer of real estate, international protection and criminal liabilities.




Liability and Compensation Law is a structure that covers various branches of law. Especially in Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Labour Law and Criminal Law, in almost all branches of the law, in case of contradiction, this liability of the person acting against the law arises, and this liability is resolved by criminal sanctions or by pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages. Since the liability and compensation law includes periods of prescription and final term, the law office working in this field needs to carry out its work elaborately.


We are providing protective legal consultancy services to prevent     legal and criminal responsibilities that may arise from all disciplines of law such as traffic accidents, contracts, wrongful acts, occupational accidents,     criminal law and malpractices; advocacy service is provided for filing, executing and determination of claims for compensation related to the losses     arising from breakdown of the economic future generating from lack of     support, loss of earnings, decrease or incapacity to work.




Maritime Law is a field of law applied when goods are exchanged by sea. Transport Law is the case where persons or goods are transported by land, airway or railway rather than sea. 


We provide attorneyship and consultancy services to our clients in the matters of preparation of freight and ship rental agreements, representation in the amendment and termination of contracts when necessary, in case of breach of contract participation in negotiations with the other party to end the violation and to cover the damages arising, contacting the mediation institution, ensure the implementation of the arbitration clause in the contract, litigation in courts, making an denunciation and fulfilment of arrest of ships decision through authorized institutions.  We also provide attorneyship and consultancy services in the matters of the applications to mediation centers and arbitration committees to resolve disputes concerning maritime and transport law, the exercise of precautionary measures, prejudice and imprisonment during or before trial, following transactions such as arrest of ships, application for the execution of the final decisions taken at the end of the trial and appealing the means of contention of unconstitutionality and appeal against the negative decisions.


In addition to all these matters, there may be marine accidents for ships and yachts. As a result of these accidents, those following results may also occur: sinking of ships or yachts, regarding as a loss or physical or financial losses. We advise and represent our clients in cases of compensation of damages to the sea and environmental pollution arising from marine accidents and in cases of objection to administrative fines, litigation for compensation of damages resulting from a maritime accident, making a denunciation and contacting insurance companies, when needed.




As a peaceful dispute resolution method, in our mediation activities, we always aim for solutions that will satisfy both parties. We manage your mediation processes in the most effective way by considering equality between the parties. Our most important role is to help the parties find their own solutions by keeping them focused on the problem and solution. In this direction, we continue to provide voluntary mediation services in employee-employer, pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation, rent, debt-receivable relationship, contractual relations and many other areas.

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